Re-energized in the end of 2014 as a result of its new ownership and management, the company has further expanded its product and service line, which now includes a diverse range of design mobilia and a holistic approach to office concepts, ergonomics and interior design as elements of a complex integrated service. The company has been trusted by international brands such as Agoda, CIB Bank, Coca-Cola, Cognizant, Erste Leasing, Peugeot, Lexmark and Viacom, and provided ideal office solutions for all types of business needs.

About us

Some words about our company and assets.

With a clear focus on both the individual user and corporate objectives, we aim at creating workspaces that provide logical functionality and comfort while also boost a feel-good atmosphere and display exquisite aesthetics. The environment we create - both the overall design and the furnishing – contributes to a new outlook on the workplace - seen as a second home - where people like to spend time, and their efficiency is significantly increased in an activity-based setting. Moreover, one of our main philosophies is the client care from the first consultation to the fulfilment of all needs. We are about to be available at all times, not to mention the after-care as well which could be more important than any other services.



Our product and service providers have been carefully selected to represent the same values that we believe in. Their ISO certified merchandise embodies top technical quality and environmental consciousness, and represents a wide palette of design furniture from more simple to premium preferences.